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The Missing Piece For Non-Profit Leaders

What do successful non-profits say is the secret to their sustained success? Measured Outcomes!

Whether you are an Executive Director, a non-profit Board Member or a non-profit leader on staff, understanding the discipline of business alignment is the secret to achieving desired program outcomes over and over again. Based on over 30 years of successful leadership in the Military, Small and Mid-sized Businesses, Entrepreneurial and Non-Profit ventures, this is everything the non-profit leader needs to know about putting it all together. Are you ready?

In The Missing Piece You Will Discover:

  • The importance of Vision and a Strategy and how to create them to clearly pave the way for sustainable and relevant programming
  • How to assess and leverage the most crucial elements of your organization in ways that optimize their value to the non-profit business
  • How to create to right goals to move the non-profit business forward and evolve with the continuous changes around it
  • How to achieve desired measured outcomes and the level of sustainable programming regardless of market or industry

The Missing Piece For Non-Profit Leaders: WORKBOOK

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The workbook version of The Missing Piece For Non-Profit Leaders includes all the text within the book, as well as the questions featured in the back of each chapter. But in the workbook, we have placed the questions within the text so as you read about a concept around how to achieve business alignment, the questions are right there to prompt you for answers in the context of your business and your specific set of circumstances.

This workbook also contains extra tools and helpful templates not included in the original book.  By using this workbook along with the tools included, you will generate a much more comprehensive picture of your business and /or organization.Instant download $40.00

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