The KASH Box

Provides another view of the relationship between Skills and Knowledge and Attitudes and Habits.
Lack of execution is proportional to the gap between the left and right sides of the box.

IR op <=== PBC = Goals + ( S & K ) A where A = (v+b) and 88%(f)c

IR op: Improved results – organizational and/or personal – is our ultimate outcome.

PBC: Positive Behavior Change drives Improved Results. It is important to focus on the positive aspects of behavior change since over 75% of our attitudes are based on negative influences in our lives.

Goals are crucial to successfully achieving improved results. Because goals only address the What and Why, they alone will not get us there.

S & K: We all need Skills and Knowledge in both our professional and personal lives. They address the How (skills) and the Where and When (knowledge). Even with goals, we are not where we want to be for improved results.

A: Our Attitudes are Habits of Thought and are a function of our Values (v) and our Beliefs (b). Nearly 95% of our Attitudes were developed by the time we were 5 years old and are predominately negative in nature. Attitudes are our Want to Improve Results and combined with Skills, Knowledge and Goals, enable us to drive Positive Behavior Change.

88%(f)c: As much as 88% of our decisions are made below the conscious level – a function of prior conditioning. We don’t even think about how we do most things (tying our shoes, driving a car, etc.), including those that hinder us from achieving our goals.