What’s Your Genius

As I work with clients both as an organization and individually, I am often asked how I can make them better leaders. My response is always to the effect of “I help you change the way you think about leadership, including leading yourself”. This month author was my inspiration for taking that approach and understanding the power of changing your attitude, or habit of thought. In his recent book, " What’s Your Genius", Jay Niblick lays out in easy to follow details, the research, the process and the solution to helping you understand the way you think to realize your greatest potential.

Of special note in the book is its connection to the website allowing the reader to establish a private online workbook to go along with the book itself. This reinforces the importance of repetition and applying the knowledge we gain to ensure success from reading the book.

My favorite chapters are seven, eight and nine. These three chapters speak to the revolutions of Know Thyself, Choose Thyself and Create Thyself in order to realize your true genius. Even before I met Jay, I understood the importance of knowing yourself as a crucial first step before leading others. While we all realize we have choices how often do we abdicate that reality and digress into “I can’t” or “It’s too hard”? Of course, making the choice must lead to the re-creation of who you are to as any growth is going to involve change.
The Power of Habit
Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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Thursday, 25 July 2024