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Finding The Missing Piece

What do effective 21st Century leaders say is the secret to their sustained success? Effective Communications!

Finding The Missing Piece: The Impact of Effective Communications on Sustainable Success is a compelling roadmap to creating a sustainable success narrative for any business! Effective communications is the most challenging issue in business today and is the missing piece to achieving business alignment. Using the same Business Alignment Maturity ModelÓ from our previous “The Missing Piece” books, this book delves into how effective communications enables alignment helping any business achieve desired results over and over again! Based on over 30 years of effective leadership in the Military, Large and Mid-sized Corporate Businesses, Entrepreneurial and Non-Profit ventures, this is everything the 21st Century business leader needs to know about putting it all together. Are you ready?

You Will Discover:

  • The importance of communicating the vision and strategic change in such a way to clearly pave the way for sustainable success
  • How to assess and communicate expectations around the most crucial elements throughout your organization in ways that optimize their relevance to the business strategy
  • How to leverage trust and psychological safety in leader communications to move the organization forward and evolve in a VUCA business environment
  • How to effectively communicate and hold the organization accountable to desired results and the level of sustainable success regardless of market or industry