About RPC

The following are commonly asked questions asked of RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. in and around what we do and how we deliver our coaching services. The answers to each question are in the associated audio file. Simply click the audio file to hear the answer to the question.

  • What is the RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. Vision and why does it matter?

Leadership Development

Leadership Development addresses the way the organization is led by its leaders, managers and supervisors through communication, delegation and recognition of your organization’s employees to enable the Strategy to succeed. It is a reflection of the organization’s commitment to its PEOPLE.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency addresses the way work will flow through your organization and the way it is structured to enable the Strategy to succeed. It is a reflection of how well the organization’s operational PROCESSES are aligned.


It is through the alignment of People Management and Operational Systems to your Business Strategy that your organization’s employees will maximize their Moments of Truth with your Customers and Create the Loyalty required for long term Profitability.


Loyal Customers

Customers drive revenue; Loyal Customers drive PROFITABILITY. Therefore the goal of any organizational Strategy must be to create loyal customers to effectively compete in today’s business environment.